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Архив рекламы Xbox

Forza Motorsport 7 - Official Commercial

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Творческая группа и описание:

Category: Electronics, Technology
Media: Film
Brand: Microsoft/ Forza Motorsport 7
Agency: McCann
Geo: United States
Advertising Agency: twofifteenmccann San Francisco
Published: September 2017
215 McCann's latest campaign for Microsoft’s new Forza Motorsport 7, pits gamers, celebrities, and pro drivers against each other in a series of short films. The hero film brings to life a re-imagination of musical chairs - with the world’s most coveted cars. Comedian Adam Corolla and Professional Driver Ken Block and a group of passionate gamers bring the concept to life as they scramble to get behind the wheel of some of the game’s most iconic and powerful vehicles. From casual gamers to seasoned vets, the campaign invites racers of all stripes to experience the pure fun of the most powerful Forza Motorsport game to-date.
This campaign will run September 7th through October 15th with social and digital components and will include a series of short films where characters are competing with an invitation to “Take the Lead” by pushing their cars, themselves, and their competition in the thrilling pursuit of racing glory. It will run in the U.S., U.K. and Australia. Forza Motorsport 7 will release globally on September 29 for the Ultimate Edition with early access and on October 3 for the Deluxe and Standard Editions.

Телереклама "Forza Motorsport 7 - Official Commercial" сделана рекламным агентством twofifteenmccann San Francisco для продукта Forza Motorsport 7 (бренд: Xbox) география: США. Выпущена в сент. 2017.
Рекламодатель: Microsoft Corporation
Бренд: Xbox
Товар/Услуга: Forza Motorsport 7
Агентство: twofifteenmccann San Francisco
Страна: США
Категории: Видео-игры и консоли
Опубликовано: Сентябрь 2017

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