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Архив рекламы Renault

40 years of Passion, 1

Скачивание и просмотр Hi-Res версий доступны только подписчикам. Взгляните на наши тарифы

Творческая группа и описание:

When Renault started in Formula One, 40 years ago, they equipped their car - the RS01 - with a revolutionary – but unstable - turbo-charged engine. So the yellow RS01 often entered the stands lane streaming white smoke. Ken Tyrrell, the boss of the eponymous team, seeing the smoking car pass in front of his garage, yelled out the nickname “Yellow Teapot” as a joke. The expression was quickly adopted and the RS01 was thereafter nicknamed The Yellow Teapot. But Renault kept on working…and finally won its first GP only two years after.

As a testimony of its history made out of passion and perseverance, Renault have decided to create the 2017 Yellow Teapot. A real teapot, inspired by the RS01 & RS17 design, that will become the official teapot of the Renault Formula One team, transforming each sip into a sip of pride. The teapot will also equip the kitchens of the Atelier Renault restaurant on the Champs-Elysées, and a first limited edition of 40 teapots, will be sold to the general public at the Atelier and on at Renault online shop.
Media: Outdoor
Category: Automotive
Client: Renault/ Renault Sport Formula One
Agency: Publicis Conseil
Production: PRODIGIOUS
Country: France
Director: Masato Rieser
Executive Creative Director: Marcelo Vergara
Executive Creative Director: Cédric Guéret
Senior Copywriter: Jean-Laurent Py
Senior Art Director: Cédric Auzannet
Planner: Filippo Del’Osso
Planner: Nicolas Izel
Advertiser managers :
Arnaud Delebecque
Andreea Culcea
Xavier Hourdeau
Nathalie Fiancette

3D : Pierrick Lamoureux
Agency : Adrien Dumont, Domitille Bouvier, Grégoire Bautier, Lisa Wey
Case Production :
Director : Masato Rieser
Sound Producer : Fabien Cornec
Production House : Prodigious
3D Production : Audrey Lagnous, Mathieu Gérard, Nicolas Bossu
Producers : Manuel Henoque, Romain Guilbert, Melissa Adali, Sarah Vavasseur
Post-production : Solveig Pastor, Tara Galy Nadal
3D Post-production : Matthieu Royer (Prodigious) / Fanny Bilani, Arthur Paux, Olivier Zibret, Benoit Messager, Mathieu Destrade et Stephen Plongeon (Reepost)

Visual Production :
Agencies : Publicis Conseil, 4uatre

Дизайн / Брендинг "40 years of Passion, 1" сделана рекламным агентством Publicis Conseil Paris для продукта Renault Sport (бренд: Renault) география: Франция. Выпущена в сент. 2017.
Рекламодатель: Renault S.A.
Бренд: Renault
Товар/Услуга: Renault Sport
Агентство: Publicis Conseil Paris Prodigious
Страна: Франция
Категории: Выставки, Фестивали, Мероприятия, Спортивные автомобили
Опубликовано: Сентябрь 2017

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