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Subscription Steps, Cancellation

Service Usage


Q. Are there any requirements to my computer for using Advertolog?

A. All you need is an internet-enabled Mac or PC and compatible browser (Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari, Firefox).

Q: How can I contact Advertolog?

A: Kindly use the form above to submit questions, comments or suggestions, or email us at admin@coloribus.com

Q: How can I use it?

A: Advertolog is here to help you gather information and research on the ad industry. You can retrieve information for your own personal, non-commercial use, but you can’t reproduce, sell or distribute it to anyone else. Also, if you want to make a suggestion or change, just let us know.

Q: Why do I have to accept cookies on my computer?

A: This site requires “cookies” to check your subscription status and to work properly. Please make sure that your browser is “cookies-enabled”. Contact us for instructions on how to enable your system for cookies or in case of other technical problems.

Subscription procedure

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?

A: We accept Visa, Mastercard and Amex on monthly plans. We don’t accept PayPal. At the moment, we accept online payments so we will not be able to accept a P.O., Invoice you, or take an order over the phone.

Q: How do you enforce the limitations relative to a subscription?

A: When buying an individual Advertolog subscription (“Basic” plan), you acknowledge that you are the only person who will use the subscription and that you must keep your login and password confidential. Simultaneous use of subscription (“Basic” plan) by more than one person may cause cancellation of your subscription without any refund as the system is automatically set to block the second user trying to use the same login and password. To avoid being in this situation, we recommend that you purchase a Standard Plan which will give you Corporate features and benefits.

Q: How can I cancel my subscription?

A: You may cancel your subscription by contacting Customer Support. We will attempt to process all cancellation requests within 72 hours after we receive them.

Q: Can I purchase one TV ad/Print?

A: The answer is “No”. Advertolog is not the right place to get a couple of separate videos or get a very high resolution variant of any video or print ad. By subscribing to the website, you are getting general access to all materials existing here and the quality of which you can always check on the home page.

Service Usage

Q: How can I download videos from Advertolog.com?

A: After you’ve been subscribed to Advertolog, you will get full access to all existing materials on the site and download any of them. To download the video, you can use a direct link, which is available for every TV spot placed on the site or use any of the special downloading software. In most cases, all you need is click the right button of your mouse and choose “save as” from the menu to start downloading.

Q: I can't play the video or don't have sound when the video is playing, what do I do?

A: If you are not seeing an image when trying to play a video or do not hear the sound, your system is probably lacking the necessary plugin. Click one of the following links to download your desired media player: Windows Media Player, Quicktime, DivX Codec

Q: Will you reimburse me for any damage caused by misinformation on the site?

A: The site is provided “as is” so we are not responsible for any damage or misinformation. By using this site, you accept this limitation and take full responsibility of your use of the materials we provide. You cannot sue Advertolog or licensors if anything happens when you act on inaccurate information. If you see anything you think should be changed, however, please contact us.